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Bath Package

Every bath package includes a bath with a customized shampoo. Your pet will get the shampoo that is best fitted for his or her skin and coat type. In addition, your pet will also receive tooth brushing, pad and sanitary trim (if necessary or requested). And of course, what visit would be complete without ear cleaning and a nail trim!

Groom Package

Our groom packages include everything our bath package includes. In addition to those services, your pet will also receive a full body haircut. Every haircut will be discussed with you, the pet owner, prior to beginning the groom. We will do our best to make sure you always know what type of haircut will be given to your pet.

Walk-in Services

We do offer a variety of walk-in services. If it's not a bath or full haircut, we will most likely be able to accommodate you and your pet without an appointment.

Try our Quick Fix package for a great value. For $30 your dog will get a nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, pad and sanitary trim, a quick brush out and a light trim of the face, feet and tail.

Extras/Add on Services

The majority of your pets grooming needs will be met with our bath and groom packages. Some pets may need some extra TLC, and for an additional cost we are here to accommodate! We know having your pet professionally groomed can seem expensive and we always try and keep extra costs down. Grooming is a lengthy process and we will only charge extra for services that take extra time.

*Flea and tick bath, de-skunking, nail grinding, FURminator de-shedding, extra brushing/scissoring, de-matting, clean feet, and extra large dogs.


We price our services based on size and coat type. Ranging from a small smooth coat (like a miniature pincher) to a large curly or double coat (like a standard poodle or husky). Please refer to our price list to see where your dog might fit. All prices listed are base prices. Additional charges depend on the amount of time required to groom and are at the groomers discretion.

Price List

Please note that all our bath and groom service prices are based on size and coat type.  If you are unsure of your dogs pricing please feel free to call us for a quote.

Small Dog:

Smooth coat

Bath $35

Groom $75

Flat/ Drop coat

Bath $40

Groom $85

Thick/Curly/Double coat

Bath $50

Groom $95

Medium Dog:

Smooth coat

Bath $45

Groom $85

Flat/ Drop coat

Bath $50

Groom $95

Thick/Curly/Double coat

Bath $60

Groom $105

Large Dog:

Smooth coat

Bath $55

Groom $110

Flat/ Drop coat

Bath $65

Groom $120

Thick/Curly/Double coat

Bath $75

Groom $130

Puppy Package:

Good for dogs under 6 months 

*This package does not include

all over body haircut. Extra

large charges may apply

Bath $33

Groom $45

Extras and Add ons:

Nail grind


De Shedding Treatment

 Sm & Med  $10

Large Dog $15

Flea Shampoo


Extra Brushing

$10 per 15 min

Extra Scissoring

$10 per 15 min

Severe Matting


Clean Feet (poodle feet)


Extra Large Dog

$10 - $25 

depending on

size and 


Face, Feet & Tail Trim              


*Late Pick Up (after specified closing time)

$1 per minute

Walk-in Services:

Nail Trim


Nail Grind


Ear Cleaning


Ear Plucking


Teeth Brushing


Brush out (per 10 min)


Pad and Sanitary Trim


Quick Fix Package